Democracy is Peace.... "Miracle Gift Letter to the World".posted 12-24-09 
More than one year ago, we witnessed the "Miracle on the Hudson"! In the face of catastrophe, our Haitian brothers and sisters and all of humanity must never lose faith. Miracles do happen!
     Democracy is Peace. What is freedom without freedom of speech? When the dust finally settles, it is only words that can make peace happen. Democracy + Freedom = Freedom of speech (Words + Opportunity) = Peace.   Peace is not impossible, but peace will be impossible without the PURE American Democracy that will soon be lost.  There is some time left to reverse this loss and restore our pure democracy by delivering it back to our chosen American people (David Michael Bloch)
     Because it is not recycled enough, we have more of the suns energy lost in one day than humanity uses in one year. Most of the people around the world cannot take care of themselves (we cannot eat or drink concrete, and most of us cannot mend ourselves). There will be no peace without GRE, teachers, farmers, physicians, and the knowledge that comes from farming families and physicians. These are the caretakers of the human race. Green Renewable Energy: GRE = sun, wind, water, natural gas, hydrogen, fusion, and any other cheaper and/or cleaner way of generating energy and/or electricity would help our economy like a tax break but is much more diverse and constructive. You do the math. A few hundred million American homes and business locations at an average of $500 electric bill savings per month would yield billions. The price of goods and services would lower too. This would redirect enough money in our economy every month to slowly help our country out of debt and our depressed economy will recover. Our country will never be able to pay off it's debts by any conventional economic means. The only way to reduce our deficit now, is to use renewable sources of energy (GRE), and use its by-product (recycled capital), as a way to reduce our deficit. This gives us a new goal and direction. GRE takes politics out of Washington and will give our economy and planet a second chance. With this letter, even if our leaders resist "CHANGE", there are enough Americans to implement GRE anyway. Please read this more than once.
     The green industrial revolution will be similar to the industrial revolution. The Industrial revolution came about as a result of the discovery of fossil fuels and the combustion engine. True cheap, clean, renewable energy (GRE) and the engines that will drive it, whether man made or natural, will result in the green industrial revolution. After much thought and deliberation, (David Bloch - an American Farmer), realized that it was not about the redistribution of wealth. It is all about the redistribution of electricity; and can only happen with GRE. America taking the first step in GRE is the key because the developed countries of the world can follow our example. Developing countries of the world would be able to utilize some of the Western world's fossil fuels in the short term to improve themselves. We must plant GRE in these developing countries at the same time we are upgrading ourselves and humanity will advance immediately (leadership = respect). We can finally say goodbye to the Industrial age and hopefully one day we will be able to say, Goodbye to dirty energy. Even Fannie Mae and Freddie Macs foreclosed vacant homes can at least use the suns recycled energy to pay for their vacancies (and should be done first). This of course means that we can take our recession and foreclosure debacles and turn them from lemons to lemonade. The USS NEW YORK was constructed after 911 from recycled scrap metal from our Twin Towers. We must never forget, always try to learn from mistakes, and find ways to fix them. Americans in our previously depressed economies learned or knew how to be thrifty. Our modern and soft American generation now needs to learn from history and find new ways to be thrifty (thrifty = opportunities). Words + Opportunity = Peace
     December 8, 2009, President Obama, you put us (the small business community) back to work. Time is of the essence.   I am responding to your call.  Finally, you came to the small business community to ask for help in resolving our countries recession and escalating unemployment problems.  Additionally, you asked for help, or encouraged us to support your green renewable energy ideas (GRE).  We have similar ideas, and the same firm beliefs that the country which leads with renewable energy technology, will lead this world into our new century and beyond.  I just want everyone to know from the beginning, that for me, answering these questions was all about God, family, and country.  Therefore, with so many important issues facing our country and our planet, I decided to write this letter and make it public to all.  Problems like:  How do we put the nuclear genie back in its bottle?  Will there ever be peace?  How do we pay down our debt?  What do we do about our Global warming and this countries health care debate?  But, the most concerning issue that we face today is providing a more than adequate education for our children (they are our only chance for survival). These problems are like Tsunamis that threaten our very existence.  The largest of which and most threatening is our nuclear genie.                       
     The most important lesson that I have learned as a farmer is the lesson I will reveal first:  Always let the preservation of our next generation of crops be the motivation to do what is right.  In Hawaii we use one word to define this concept-"PONO"--DO WHAT IS RIGHT.  My crops are the same as my off-spring.  They motivate me to "pono", and to not neglect a problem for too long.   Make no mistake, there cannot be one without the other.  Always start there, do not procrastinate.  In my garden neglect causes terrible damage that becomes irreversible.  When I did not stay focused and humble, I always ended up having irreversible crop damage.  I have learned this lesson the hard way and more than once.  I did not learn fast enough and I experienced famine.   I can tell you that the problems that our country and planet are facing will create irreversible damage.  President Obama you have not stayed focused (on track), and have not been humble.  I will say this now though, you are on the right course and this is a letter of support for you and our nation.  Just finding a way to pay down our nation’s debt will reverse the free fall that our economy is facing.  Even if we come out of the recession, our ballooning debt will for sure bankrupt our great nation and its contribution to humankind. President Obama freedom to this point will have all been for naught.  Our incredible brave veterans who saved our planet from Hitler’s evil will have died in vain.
     All of these problems, if left to fester for too long, will become too severe to reverse.  The Deadly waters will drown us all.  Therefore, I decided to go to work for you President Obama and my fellowman.  The sun, wind, and water, are remarkable renewable energy sources.  However, they all have their limitations.  They are truly renewable resources because they always exist in nature.  The sun, however, only shines sometimes because of bad weather or darkness.  Wind GRE is not consistent.  Water can not always be used, and dams are destructive to nature and create expensive maintenance problems.  The (country) that can fix an answer to these three problems, will have unlocked the “Holy Grail of True GRE”.
     The genesis to answering these questions occurred when I had to answer them for myself.  I soon will be moving my farm operations to a remote piece of property.  To support my new business venture, the questions then became:  How will I farm on a new piece of land with no electricity?  Additionally, where would I find the extra capital?  To support my new project how do I do this without going into anymore debt?  On the other hand, President Obama, you are facing very similar issues and new GRE ideas will answer our questions.  Since the property is off the grid, it immediately became obvious to me that I could use technology that already exists today.  Friends of mine live in remote areas (off the grid), but are still able to generate electrical power to run their homes.  PV solar panels and wind generating devices capture GRE and are stored in a battery bank.
     Remote usage for me is important, but for our country and planet we need to install PV solar panels on every residential and commercial structures starting immediately.   PV solar panel technology is available now and if PV solar panels are grid tied across our planet, we would be able to receive huge amounts of power starting immediately.  This is clean, green, renewable, and free power from the sun.  I was able to, in just a few short days, resolve the four main problems that face our country today.  It was one of those moments like flying a kite in a lighting storm, or witnessing an apple falling from a tree.  We all know that electricity and Newton’s theories were gifts from Mother Nature.  Humanity has used many discoveries, and has created many changes that have allowed us to become more modern and literally brought us to where we are today.
     I will release my findings and thoughts to the world immediately.  All the countries of the world are working on this topic.  As a farmer, President Obama, remember “the early bird always gets the worm”.  These are all incredibly complex issues with incredibly simple answers. I  just want our country to be proud again.  I want us all to feel proud forever like the day Captain Sully heroically landed his plane on the Hudson River and all survived (miracles do happen and he is an American, and I am an American, and there is a reason for that).  All of our greatest minds have been trying to solve these problems, but have been thinking inside the box.  It is hard to think outside of the box, when you are in the box.  As a small business operator and especially as a farmer, you have to live and think outside of the box.  We as farmers have the economy and Mother Nature to worry about (we learn to be thrifty).  This is why I have managed to answer these questions.  I have answered your call for help.  I appreciate your attempts at challenging the small business community to come up with creative solutions and ways to put our American people back to work.
     Some of this is fact and mixed facts, it can all work one day if we can make it happen.  We selflessly protect to bring freedom to the world, selflessly have given our lives, our blood, and have used up our resources almost to the point of bankruptcy, to help the world.  Good will always prevail over evil unless we procrastinate (David and Goliath).  We cannot let dirty thought influence us and make us greedy.  We need to share more technology with each other, and that selfless act will benefit us all. 
     There is only one creature on this planet that has a predatory advantage over any other creature.  The shark, especially the hammerhead shark, has electrical detecting capability.  Since there is electricity in all living creatures we need to research this feature very aggressively.  I am not sure how this would fit in, but I am thinking that if we need to use fish farming as a way to provide protein for us, we may be able to capture GRE from them in their tanks.  As our world's populations grow, fish - not beef will have to feed us.  There are more GRE resources other than sun, wind, water, and we need to explore them all.  Man is the only land dwelling creature that can fly as well as dive deep into the ocean. We also are the only creature that uses artificial intelligence in our daily lives (computer).  Artificial is the key word, and we need to use our green vision to help dissect opportunities.  Additionally, the automobile pollutes our planet more than any machine.  Chevrolet has just finished production on its’ new Chevy Volt.  This is an electrical car with a small combustion engine that is used to recharge drained batteries.  Solar roof and solar sunroof capabilities, as well as replacing glass windows with solar window glass technology should be researched immediately.  If we already have the technology now, we need to start using it.  The car is very inefficient if it is not gaining charge at all possible moments.  When we are driving or when they are parked, the sun could be recharging the batteries.  We need to explore the front/back of the automobile. I was watching some children playing in the park with windmills (pinwheels), and as they ran faster the windmills spun faster. We have used air moving into the front end of our automobiles to cool our radiators.  Air turbines/electrical generator technology may help.  When the car is moving, these props should always turn. This may work on the back of the automobile as well.  Paper is very destructive to our environment. Trees take much longer to re-grow than plants do.  Our ancient cousins did not use trees to make paper.  It makes more sense to use plants like Hemp.  These are all green jobs and many people are looking for work.  There is a company in Colorado trying to develop  flexible solar material.  I believe this can be used on new construction projects.   Existing homes would have regular PV solar installed.  New houses should have solar glass windows installed.  Floating solar panel technology may also work in lakes and oceans.   
     We need to implement a national solar/wind grid tie works program and GRE bill in 2010.  With this foundation we can change the way we power the world.  Currently, our nation’s unemployment rate is close to 11% and in some areas it is even higher.  Teens and young people are unemployed at rates of 15-30% (one generation of no work experience, means it will take us twice as long to recapture lost knowledge and wisdom that you can get only from working).  We do not need anymore unemployment assistance, it creates dependency.  Seventeen to Nineteen percent of our African American communities are unemployed.  We are ready to work and ready to work now!  The troops you need for the green industrial revolution are waiting for their orders from their Commander in Chief.  I am only a general/advisor providing you a green print of what I think you and humanity should do next.  The decisions are made by you and your Presidency gives you the power to make those decisions.  We still have seven hundred billion in tarp and stimulus funds (borrowed money) to be used as seed capital for GRE.  Some of this money can be used for renewable solar power.  Invest in your country and our planets future.  Use the rooftops that riddle our planet as its solar farm and soil.  If we grid tie PV solar panels and use them as our plants, the fruits of our labor will be clean renewable solar power.  Plant immediately before the spring and our harvest will begin sooner.  Instead of using fossil fuels, and nuclear energy to power our planet, the sun and GRE will slowly begin to power the earth.  We are doing this now (15% solar/wind), we just aren’t doing it fast enough.  Not doing it fast enough is the only reason why we are still in the industrial age.
     I called solar/wind contractors this week and they said that with enough equipment they could bring my electric bill down to almost zero. This is when I realized that my answers were just about efficiency, balance, and budgeting. We need to convert over to solar/wind and GRE power now, for as long as we don’t, we cannot begin to wean ourselves off of fossil/nuclear fuels (they are dirty and inefficient fuels that waste our money).   At breakeven GRE is free and pays for itself forever.   As time goes on we will improve the technology, as we did in the first Industrial revolution, until now. We will be able to increase efficiency and it will save us money (our yields), that can be used in budgeting (back in balance).  Advances in technology gave us the computer which led to the internet. The internet has led us to the green industrial revolution.  All the information I needed for GRE research was available on the internet.  The internet and its information is there for all to read and use.  The internet has become humanities library.  It is for this reason that I am revealing my findings and thoughts on the internet for all to read and use.  What I have learned as a farmer is a gift from Mother Nature (GRE), and it belongs to humanity - not me.  The internet taught me how to run a farm, and farming families were my inspiration.
     I have an idea as to how we can begin to install these panels immediately.  Most states are offering around a 35% tax credit in conjunction with a 30% tax credit from the federal government to install PV solar panels on our homes.  Homeowners are responsible for the remaining balance.  For those who cannot pay the money up front, the federal government will offer a loan at 0% interest=incentive=action.  With enough wind/solar installed on residential and commercial structures, we should be able to bring our electric bills down significantly.  We would use a 6 month electric bill average as a base number.  Because the panels are grid tied, our utility companies will not need as much dirty energy (DE).  Meters allow us to measure how much dirty energy was used, and how much came from solar/wind/GRE.  Some of the savings that we begin to realize can be used to pay down the loans used to install the panels. This is money we would have to spend every month anyway.  If we do not make this change now, overtime our expenses will continue to increase (out of balance, and the debt cycle continues).  Not only does the debt cycle continue, but our conversion process (wean out) slows down and we run the risk of damaging Mother Nature (GRE) from using dirty energy.  If this happens, GRE will never work because GRE is Mother Nature, and the energy we are producing comes from her.  For those who wish to use their own money, their bills will come to zero sooner, no fees.   Utility companies will be operating at a lower overhead since there will not be as much coal or diesel needed to generate the power that we will still need from fossil fuels.  The federal government will make sure by law that utility company employees remain employed during the “wean out period” (wean out=no need for dirty energy DE).  Utility and oil companies will, decades from now, turn into farming utility companies.  It would take many decades for all of this to happen, and the oil/utilities will be doing grid work and selling oil to the 3rd world.   Also, we should not receive any extra money from any residual power generated by GRE for two reasons:  GRE at breakeven is free and a gift from Mother Nature (GRE).   Any extra GRE generated should go straight into the grid.  Since we would begin to use less DE, we will be able to generate recycled capital (RC) even faster by doing this (Cinergy).   Costs of goods and services will go down, and this extra capital in our economies will then be used to continue our retrofit of the planets electrical grid.
     Speeding up the conversion process is the most important thing we can do to help ourselves all realize the savings that can be used for other important things (recycled capital = compound GRE).  We must not damage Mother Nature because GRE comes from her. Remember, there is a reason why I revealed my most important lesson learned as a farmer first  (please go back and read it).  Since GRE is technically free, the GRE solutions actually begin to pay for themselves right from the start.  The faster we convert our planet over- the more energy we will be able to receive, and more capital will increase the process.  I believe that you can all see now how GRE begins to take on its own life like the internet.  We all know exactly how compounding interest works to grow capital.  The best was to understand this is to compare GRE to a child growing and maturing into an adult.  We feel the same gratification when we see our saving dollars grow  (saving is good).  The more we feed and educate our children the more they grow physically and emotionally.  Eventually, one day they will become matured adults. The same is true with GRE and its ability to grow itself.  As long as we feed it, take care of it, educate ourselves about it, and keep our planet healthy, GRE will finally mature and will usher us into the new green industrial revolution and into the space age.  The most important thing for everyone to learn and remember is that GRE comes from nature and if we don‘t take care of nature, GRE will not work.  
     Because GRE comes from renewable sources we should all be able to see money back in our pockets immediately.  I think though, that the only way this would work, is that we should be able to keep a significant amount of the savings (recycled capital).  50% should stay with us, it was money we would have used on our electric bills anyway.   50% of the savings should go straight to the federal government to be used in 4 ways: 20% to pay back solar loans, 10% to pay down on our national debt, 10% to ensure we have extra money for our children’s education, and 10% to cover our uninsured and rapidly aging population.  Our parents gave us life, and we must take care of them as they age.  I also want you to make note that I prioritized them equally. These are moral responsibilities and they ensure our survival (mess around with this and it‘s over).  We need to learn this lesson because Mother Nature gives life to GRE, and if we don’t take care of our Mother, Father, and educate our children, how can we ever learn to take care of Mother Nature?  They give us life, Mother Nature gives life to GRE, and without Mother Nature, there is no GRE.  I have learned this in my garden and now you all will have the choice between learning it and not learning it.  Always keep this in mind that only humans have the capacity to choose.  Mother Nature (GRE) and its creatures cannot.  We have to do this or GRE will not work. Remember, GRE is like an infant or a plant and if not taken care of properly, its development would be slowed and it may never mature.  As long as we use 30% (forever by law) for these three important moral responsibilities our country, GRE, and our planet will definitely mature.  Over and over again throughout this letter you will be given the opportunity to choose.  Good vs. bad, this is what we try to instill in our children.  How could we be hypocrites and not do the right thing now as adults?   If we stay unemployed for too long, dependency and inability to think creatively will spoil our great nation.  The sun is the answer, and can do this for us if we begin now.  The remaining balance would be used to pay down on the loans that were needed for those who could not use their own money.  The term of the loan would vary on how much power one uses.  Eventually, we would break even.  Remember, we should continue to pay down the 30% savings forever (fixed at 30% by law-only to vary up or down based on our cost of living index).  We cannot cheat because if we do, we are only cheating ourselves, but most importantly we are cheating humanity (our children), and the GRE grid we are constructing.  This would ensure that we have a source of renewable income (GRE ECONOMICS) for debt reduction, schools, and health care for many years to come.  As long as we do this, GRE will continue to work forever.
     We have unemployed people in every community across our country.  Since there are residential and commercial structures in all communities, most of us will go back to work in short order.  Unemployed scientist and engineers can begin to improve solar technology, others would find work constructing, installing, servicing, and finally, entrepreneurs will begin to reinvest in our country again.  Even Fannie Mae and Freddie Macs foreclosed vacant homes can at least use the suns energy to pay for their vacancies (and should be done first). This of course means that we can take our recession and foreclosure debacles and turn it from lemons to lemonade.   Always try to learn from your mistakes and find a way to fix them.   Farmers do this every year when they grow food that nourishes the human life on our planet.   Learn from it, that is the only way I was able to dream this up.  This is all money that we are all paying anyway every month.  If we do this now, the energy generated will be clean and renewable, and the savings will be immediate. Capital, “not wealth” can be redistributed elsewhere by our citizens spending it on whatever is important to their needs.  For example, I will have an extra $500 to use for my savings and against my debt, medical insurance, my kid’s college, and a new agricultural land lease.  Redistributed capital is what grows any type of economy, not redistributed wealth. This is like having a tax cut every month forever.  If you dilute the wealth of our Nation or global economy, it will never be able to rebound from this disaster.
     Solar panels/wind and GRE were the answer!  When I upgrade I will have some of the money I need to operate my new farming venture.  If you’ve noticed I have used the term “some of the money”, because too much spent, or too little spent is bad, we must always make our economic decisions on the basis of balance .  We have always known this, but we got unfocused because we got bored.  Boredom made us lazy, restless, and unfocused (partisan politics at its worse).  On December 15, 2009, I heard our  President talking about retrofitting our homes with weather stripping and other items, to make our homes more efficient.  Our president is on the right track, but this letter will now help him and us learn more about GRE economics, principals, and concepts that will guide him and us in leading our great nation and the world into the green age (only education = bad, experience and no education is ok, education and experience is best).  Our current leaders and future leaders of the world must always remember to surround themselves with the correct people, not political Hyenas and Leaches (balance).
     Creativity and imagination is the way to keep human beings from conflict (boredom = conflict, conflict = boredom, boredom = conflict).  This concept I will explain fully later, but is one of the main keys to solving our current dilemma.  It also is the same concept that should be used to prevent something from happening again. There are many reasons why civilization has become restless. The number one reason for this is, “and are you ready” -  it is because we are moving towards the end of our industrial revolution.  Instead of pressing the gas and picking up momentum, we became afraid and looked back with indifference (creativity + imagination = implementation = reward = failure or success).  How could reward = failure?  The reward from failure is that we can learn from the past. Our leaders and the American people need to only learn from the past.  Quit blaming each other for the problem, do not use the past as a crutch - it makes us all look petty to the rest of humanity.  We are all responsible, we got scared and took our eye off the future (the green industrial revolution = survival or extinction = water age or space age).  I have learned this from being a farmer, but for farmers, success or failure means “feast or famine“.  I will explain later why I made this comment.  I mentioned the space age to give us a goal (prevent boredom = creativity and imagination = momentum).  This way when we arrive at the end of the green industrial revolution (GRE), humanity this time will know when to step on the gas.  This time humanity will not look back. We look back or stay indifferent because we are afraid (“conflict looms”).
     We have now learned a lesson!  This is an important lesson because it means survival or extinction.  The fruits of our labor will spoil and our engines will crumble, and with no more chances, our incredibly precious mother nature would have been destroyed.  Notice I did not mention humanity - it is not all about “us”.  We are supposed to be Mother Nature’s protector.  We are the only animal on this planet that can choose right from wrong.  We are supposed to reproduce and send our seeds (GRE=nature) into the heavens.  All the pieces have been there all this time!  My life, the internet, and farming experiences gave me the answers.  None of this is new and all the products and technologies already exist, “now”.   All I did while you were fighting with each other, was connect the dots.   As soon as I started to answer “my” questions, about how to move “my” operation over to the new lot, I realized it was all about focus, vision, efficiency, budgeting, compromise (not kick-backs to Nebraska and others) = balance, and lastly to be humble.
     Since I am someone who makes a living by using Mother Nature’s resources I have learned a thing or two. There is nothing more precious and gratifying than to see a plant or tree grow from a seed. It is the same feeling that we as humans experience when we bring a life into the world. Since we all know this feeling, I know I am talking about something that we all can understand. Our nation will now experience this feeling when we watch our green renewable plants grow, and one day, we will all marvel at its abundant yields and beautiful fruit.  As humans, I know you will know this emotion because it is the same as watching our children grow and become mature adults.  Our young great leader, now has a choice (remember only man has capacity to choose).
     My plants need water, nutrients, sun, and attention.  Anyone can give them water and nutrients, but they will still die.  Natural plants won’t give us better yields, but don’t need as much attention. The only reason they need me, is because I am actually their doctor (their protector).   Modern man will eventually become mixed as well. As time goes on and we move into the unnatural worlds around us, without doctors (protectors), we will not survive.  Only doctors can be our protectors.  Protectors, farmers and doctors are actually the same thing.
     Now our president, our country, and all of mankind can make up its own mind.  Our country and planet can use some of these savings for what is most important to its needs. Our parents and needy first, but, our debt and children’s education are just as important.  Remember, that is why these are balanced financially and are equal in importance.  I challenge anyone to come up with an idea that is more simple than having the sun take care of these problems for us through renewable energy and the savings (for many generations) that are realized by converting our civilization away from fossils fuels (DE).  The sun has taken care of us up to now; it has kept us fed, so why can’t it take care of all of our needs (GRE)?   By now even if our leaders don’t choose, the people of our country can, and millions around the world can now do the same.  Tomorrow, millions of parents around the world will begin to digest what I have written here in this gift letter.  There is nothing in here that is bad. It is pure just like GRE because my ideas and life experiences were taught to me through my mother and nature (Mother Nature is pure-good).
     Money being redistributed elsewhere sounds familiar.  This leads to my next subject!  Let’s bring in what is blurry for all of us into focus.  I had to do this for me to understand this subject. I have a business to run and this topic will determine my future.   A sound business education, small business owner/farmer, allowed me to knit economics into nature (GRE).  We need to surround ourselves with people that have diverse education and experience.  There are many terms and concepts here.  There are more to come, but time is short, so I will try to provide some of the more important principals, concepts, and vocabulary.  Your creativity and imagination will take over.  Let me clearly define GRE, green jobs, and our infant concept of recycling as it applies to GRE. President Obama if you had not spoken the “r” word, we would not be writing this letter today.  If you had not talked about GRE we would not have had a chance to define some of these terms.  Although you may have not known it at the time, these words were Devine words.
E=Energy, DE=Dirty Energy, DRE=Dirty renewable energy, DE and/or DRE=Bad, but O.K., during our weaning off period.  GAE= Green Alternative Energy=GRE=Green (Pure) Renewable energy is = to nature. This is the key point.   GRE, sun, wind, water, magnets, electrical impulses from animals, etc., is NATURE and is Devine, (and keeps us alive).  Now hold on-the ride gets even better.  We are just getting started.  GRE will evolve into Hybrid GRE (Half nature and artificial/man made).
     Yields / Debt Reduction: Less toxic emissions, more recycled capital (RC) in our GRE economy, GRE compounding gets us more and more efficient savings, and more GRE grid growth.  This leads to more people on our new GRE Grid .  We can start to improve the old grid and link up to new parts of the world.  Now, we have more cash, more recycled GRE capital, and after this goes on for a while our debt will stop growing and start shrinking.
     We will open GRE medical insurance accounts for the old and uninsured.  100% of hospital and church GRE recycled capital should go to the insurance pool by law (cheating=harm to our children). This is all run by a private board of Doctors and Insurance staff only.  These people are voted in or out every 2 years by Doctors only (By Law).  This is good for nature (GRE).  Without man to take care of nature (GRE), our grid won’t grow. No Doctors=No GRE=No MAN.  Farming works exactly the same way.  This is what we have to teach our children. The human seed needs to know English, math, science, biology, botany, aquaculture, and animal husbandry. This is where creativity and imagination comes from.  Remember though, it is not just enough to have an education. To become fully mature working professional adults, we need education and work experience.  Our offspring are the same as us.  Education only, is still not enough.  We have to introduce our children to real life experience and Mother Nature will teach them this.  Mother Nature can teach us even without an education.  Spend more time with your children, read to them, and teach them a GRE lesson every day (never ignore them when they speak-we now know how it feels).  This is still not enough!  They need to mature emotionally. Talk to them more, tell them you love them, and kiss them goodnight.  This is the only way GRE can survive.  They will be the GRE caretakers (farmers/doctors) of tomorrow!  They cannot take care of GRE or show respect to each other unless you as parents do this for them.
     The GRE recycled capital that could come from our school rooftops, can be used for our children’s education.  Recycled capital for our children’s education can also be sent to a Green Education Funds pool to be managed the same way as the hospital funds.  The children will take care of GRE and us in the future.  Only parents and teachers can be elected every two years by law.  Longer terms means that it begins to become political and dirty politics.   Dirty energy is what got us into this mess (this applies to our medical funds GRE caretakers, as well).  All schools recycled capital (RC) goes into the pool.
     After we break even all residential funds along with commercial funds (70%) stay with us to be spent on what we need.  All Recycled Capital recaptured from state and federal building budgets should go to deficit reduction. Breakeven is measured by money, and break even is measured by us being completely off of any kind of DE.  Only government will know when this has happened, but government is run by people, and people have a conscience.  I am sure that the conscience of the government will be the people of our great nation watching them.  Now there is a chance for our leaders to show their true intent.  If I may make a suggestion, GRE politics would be good too.  Our government elected officials, other than our president, should also have two year terms. I did not say you have to do this, because as adults you have a choice. This will mean fresh blood, new ideas, and we will not fall in a rut again.  Our presidency should stay the same, because leadership skills take more time to develop (experience).  Our children and our needy cannot make these decisions, and that is why I want them protected by law.  For example, if we had term limits for elected officials things like political differences would not get in the way (this is the worst I have ever seen).  Conflict leads to a lack of creativity and imagination, and the cycle starts all over again.  Special interest groups will never be able to gain favor again because new blood will have more weight over our special interest groups.
     Businesses will continue to grow and our GRE economy will always grow and be healthy.  As long as we stick to a plan and prevent, greed, theft, debt, waste-excessive spending, and do not damage our planet, (GRE) will mature and take us into the water or space. There is a green economy (GRE) and a dirty economy. The example above is GRE Economics vs. Dirty Economics.  GRE principals, GRE economics, and GRE concepts can be used when we make decisions.  And, when we finally polish our GRE skill sets, our decisions will be pure (nature is pure).  Clean values and concepts, just like GRE will become pure when we do not use anymore DE in our grid or have dirty thought.
     When I realized this, I could not believe what I had discovered. Try them out and over time we will be able to make more sensible decisions based on GRE thoughts. Only man has the mental capacity to have these kinds of thoughts.  I know they work because this is how I keep my garden alive, and this is how I wrote this gift letter to you.   For the last three nights I have used them on my children and they work perfectly.  The first lesson I taught them was how to deal with temptation and trust.  I explained to them the importance of education.  I explained that if we live a clean life, we will always make better decisions and most of the time good things will happen.  Accidents or bad things can happen to good people, but they are never the fault of Mother Nature.  If you climb up a tree and not stay focused, you will fall out of the tree.  It is not the fault of the tree-that you lost focus.  Earthquakes are a part of Mother Nature.  They don’t happen to hurt people, they just happen. Volcanoes may overrun homes and property, but they build our planet, and that is good.  Only people, only humans can hurt humans.  If you go fishing by the ocean and the waves are too large, you should fish on another day.  If you don’t leave and something happens, you have made a dirty decision (not the fault of the ocean).  Once again, it’s all about choice.  People who live by the ocean, water, sick, lost loved ones, people who have pain, or near death experience will understand first.  Millions around the world that live a righteous life and teach this to their children will immediately understand what I am talking about.  For those of you who do not understand, do not worry, don’t be afraid, as time goes on and things begin to improve, you will begin to understand and trust GRE as well. This also applies to those of you who understand, but do not want to believe.  In the end, your true intent will be revealed.
     Do you remember when I said it was about vision, focus, efficiency, balance and budget?  This will all become very clear now.  Over the years my crop has done well, or not so well.  After one of these episodes of not doing so well, it took me a number of months to rebuild (we suffered).  It finally meant that I would have to start making tough decisions regarding our family budget.  We were not sure how much longer it was going to take before we were going to make a profit again, so I cut our health insurance.  As a small business owner with four of us to feed, a mortgage, and all kinds of other expenses, I could not afford the $1000/month in health insurance.  We are now doing better than most, but have been having trouble getting coverage again (the short period without, hurt us).  If I had done my research about GRE and I had gone with it sooner, we would still have coverage.
     On the night of December 8, 2009, our Chihuahua had puppies during the night.  In the morning, after we discovered the puppies, two of them had died during birth.  The veterinarian told us that it was mostly likely from being cold.  If I had GRE, and had left the heater on all night, they may still be alive today.  We also realized that out of the four puppies, it was the two females that had died.  Female creatures of any kind are weaker.  I had not made a green decision.  If I had held my spending down during the good years, we wouldn’t have done so badly towards the end (not in balance). This is what is happening to our country now.  We are making bad decisions regarding our money, and it will eventually cause the American people to suffer.  Balance comes up a lot in Mother Nature.  Not enough fertilizer is not good, but too much is bad too. Too much regulation hurts the economy, and too little does as well.  When making laws, this holds true as well.  Our country was founded with pure and Devine intent (hmmm…).  Go back and read it all-it is 100% pure even if it is not perfect.  We must always keep learning from our past, and continue to teach an accurate history of our American evolution.
     In business school I was taught that an “opportunity cost”, is an opportunity lost.  Because, when a decision is made in haste or if there are dirty concepts/principals in the decision, things will turn out wrong, and the money involved is lost too.  We will eventually run out of opportunities.  We have to run our country in the same way that we run our homesteads, or businesses.  Debt and too much spending are going to mean that when we need the money the most, it won’t be there (credit cards are bad when not used in moderation).  Government could also cut in the wrong place like I did (slow down health care reform, explore tort reform, increase primary care physicians, reduce inefficiency (GRE), but never take money away from healthcare, like I did. This I can tell you is as bad as harming the planet.  Because, as time goes on, if we can‘t help to mend ourselves, we will always be surrounded by pain and suffering.  The medical profession will benefit from GRE and humanity will benefit equally (balance).   All we have to do is stay with good GRE economics, and fewer bad decisions will be made presently and in the future.  We also need to surround ourselves with people that have lots of working experience, so it becomes easier to make good decisions.  I should have gone with solar/wind GRE 6 months ago when I had a chance.  Now, when it matters the most, I can’t get coverage.  The last thing I want though is less cancer screening, less access, more expense, and reduced quality.  We need Health Care Reform to make a difference now, not four years from now.  One hundred billion in savings is a joke.  It is never going to happen and is literally nothing compared to the damage this bill is going to cause.  No one has the right to tell anyone how much money one can make.  When everyone starts to earn an income at an age of 21 or earlier, Doctor’s have to sacrifice 20 years of their lives in medical school and residency before they even make a decent living.  Most of the physicians in this country have not been included in this debate and they are the experts. This is a slap in the face for the American people because their leaders have not considered any of this. Partisan politics and the prize have become more important than the legislation.  America should not wait any longer, let us jump start our GRE economy now.  Start recycling with precision and our precious hard earned cash will begin to appear all over the planet.
     Whether you believe in global warming or not, toxic emissions are bad for nature (GRE).  A sound environmental policy and agenda makes the global warming debate moot.  The global warming debate subordinates a sound environmental policy.  GRE would reduce toxic gases right from the start (it starts happening immediately just as recycled capital begins to appear when using GRE).  Imposing unnecessary regulation (Dirty regulations) would hurt the world’s already weak global economy.  If we do not take care of our planet now, GRE will not work and our planet will eventually be destroyed from our inaction.  GRE I have shown can take care of our beautiful country and so it is true that our plants environment will benefit immediately by GRE because with it we can reduce pollution starting today. These reductions are possible without imposing dangerous regulations that would harm the world’s fragile economy. This would mean no more debate on global warming and action is better than talk anyway.  Developing countries (secure ones) can all participate. The GRE grid can employ hundreds of millions of people, feed us, and provide clean renewable energy. 
     Realizing that clean energy and clean thought are exactly the same thing, is like an enlightenment.  Perhaps it's a revolution of sorts. I would rather call it, “The Green Industrial Revolution”. We are the leaders of this movement, a farmer and the president of the United States of America. Two people whose entire survival depends on our planet surviving in a healthy state now, not later. The economy here in Hawaii and around the country is terrible. Our children here have furlough Fridays (only a four day school week).  I call them farming Fridays and I try to teach my kids as much as I can, but they should be in school.  Starting next year, some of our school bus routes will be cut too.  President Obama you and I are local boys.  This is unacceptable and we have to think of a better way.  Even if the recession is over our problems will not improve for a while.  Our schools and children will begin to suffer. The consequences of inaction would be that we damage their education, which means an undeveloped generation of adults. The savings in state fuel budgets will put our children back in school.  Less fuel needed at our utility plants will be used for our school buses.  President Obama you are the one with the power, and without your help this will never happen.  We are the leaders of the green industrial revolution.  Two men whose ancestry is from the same continent of Africa.  We both have ties to Hawaii (a Green State), and believe that GRE is necessary.  I do not believe in coincidence, but I do believe in destiny.  Everyone needs to begin to sharpen their vision and when you think something is a coincidence, analyze it.  Today, December 24, 2009, is the start of the GRE AGE.  Hone your skills!  We are on the correct path.  I hope America can use this as a guide.  Today I felt like the best way to speak to you and the world would be through the internet.  Our beloved internet- all the result of the first industrial revolution.  One hundred years from now, what marvelous inventions and discoveries will we be talking about as a result of GRE?
     One of the benefits of being thrifty and recycling is that when you recycle something you realize a gain immediately.  If you don’t recycle and try to be thrifty there is waste.  Waste is dirty living because it is not efficient and thrifty.  Whatever you recycle (cans, glass, sun, wind), can now be made into something else.  If someone collects money from recycling they can use it or spend it on something else.  True renewable energy recycles capital because it frees up our dirty bills, and puts money back into our pockets.  Breakeven is rendered moot because recycled capital is money that was tied in dirty bills once before.  Switching to GRE is like recycling or a tax break that lasts forever.  The money can now be used to make something else or used for some other more pressing need.  Also, the USA is here for many more years to come and at some point we will breakeven. The savings are forever and our national debt will begin to decline. The suns energy is free, cheap, clean, and EPA and related issues will be remedied.  At breakeven, the jobs created are not subsidized because renewable energy pays for itself and after breakeven, it is free (recycling).
     Our destinies are tied together.  I, while answering questions for my own business, found these answers. You, on the other hand, have the same interest and motivations, but you happen to be the President. The only person in the world that can bring this to life is you Mr. President.  Our legacy will be the same and Sasha, Malia, and my offspring depend on it.  It is not to leave a mess for our children. The sun and Recycled Capital can help pay our debts, send our children to school, and help our elderly and uninsured.  This is a moral imperative.  Soon these destructive Tsunamis will not be reversible.  Let the suns energy and GRE be the answer to our problems.  As soon as we show the world that we have a way to reduce our debt, the value of our dollar will rise again.  Unemployment will drop, and our precious supply of fossil fuels will be saved and their prices will slowly reduce. The oil producing nations of the world now have an alternative, but we will still need your resources.  Do not be afraid of change.  I would not be telling you this if I did not believe in what I’m saying is true. If you are afraid of evil, don’t be scared. The good human seed exists all over our planet, and good will always prevail over bad.  Our great American Hybrid race will always protect you against evil.  This is the reason for our nation, and we have already seen one miracle (Sully).  If any of this begins to transpire the way I have laid it out, you can view it as a miracle too.
     Once again, we can now use Recycled Capital elsewhere and just as the combustion engine, industry, along with WWII, technical advancements, and Reaganomics, our economies across the globe will begin to prosper with GRE economics.  Our sprits will rise again, our country will shine bright like the beautiful sun that is about to “gift” us a second chance.  Our sun/wind and the electricity we can capture from it, is only one answer.  Look how much potential this renewable energy resource can provide us and the rest of the world.  Renewable green energy is recycling.  When we recycle, our planet and all life on our planet, realize an immediate gain.  My plants are powered by the sun.   Humans have the technology now to power the planet with the same green renewable energy that powers my plants.   We know plants are good (they feed us).  This means plants are GRE (nature).  If GRE is good for plants, and if plants are good for humans, then we cannot go wrong because we are nature too and so is GRE.
     President Obama with your dropping poll numbers, you now have a green print to use or not use.  It is your choice, your conscience (the American people are looking for your true intent).  Being united together again under one American Flag is what we want the most.  Pure GRE (like our pure union) will take us there with your leadership.  I am only a fisherman/Farmer = Doctor/caretaker, but you are a community organizer.  Reorganize our chosen American people, and then help the world do the same.  We need to start here, hopefully this will help us kick start the GRE age.  Every continent on our planet is equally important.  Progress will be measured by looking at what we do in Kenya (East Africa), the Amazon, Southern California (farmers are out of work), Persia, and Afghanistan, because GRE is needed there the most.  To the leaders of the world, do not run the risk of your people leading you.
     The world’s people will never be able to have peace without communication.  No one should ever get something for nothing.  Even our needy have worth.  Our leaders should always look for worth in every person and use this to help them make their decisions.  I believe there will be world peace if we can create a communication branch of our military.  This would probably take about two generations, but English can bring the world closer together.  Legal and illegal American citizens would be able to enlist and get paid for their service.  We would teach English.  English is the one language that our world already recognizes. These service people could go back to their home countries and teach English to their teachers and countrymen. This would allow humans to communicate better with each other, when there is conflict or a need to communicate. Our illegal alien countrymen can earn their citizenship this way, and will be turning something from bad to good. Remember we are the home of the free, the strong, and the brave.  Let’s lead by example and show our planet that we are still pure. I  put my dirty political preferences aside to write this letter.  From now on I will only be an American first.  How many of you have set your dirty political differences aside? 
     A handful of pages may help resolve some of the world’s greatest problems.  You do not need a 2000 page bill to solve only one (vision, focus, efficiency, budget, and balance).  If I have learned lesson one, this would mean that I would have to stop working on this project just for a short time to take care of my garden.  If this letter does not work, I will not need GRE from you because my plants (GRE) already take care of my family and me. Since I am its’ caretaker, I have to make sure that I do not neglect them.  Nature takes care of me. The irony is that we are responsible for each other’s well being.  If I become too distracted, I run the risk of making a dirty decision and my plants will die.  I send my love to all of humanity, and for as long as I live, I will hope for peace.  If you figure out who I am, all I want is peace, security, and respect for my privacy.  If we do not take care of nature-GRE (our mothers), there will be no more chances. 
David Bloch
American Farmer
Maui, Hawaii

P.S.  Please print a copy for your kids.  Send this on to all your contacts, please!

David Bloch
© Dec. 8, 2009. All Rights Reserved